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University Medical Center Groningen

A.J.P. (Guus) van den Brekel

Research Impact, Analytics and Support | Medical Information Specialist | Pure UMCG Coördinator | Electronic Services | Central Medical Library, UMCG


For Support and/or advice on Research Profiles, Impact & Analytics, Publishing and Reference Management, or research support in general, here's how to get talking: WebEx:
Skype:   Skype name: digicmb WhatsApp:

 My Orcid:  0000-0001-6123-380X  
UMCG Pure Information Pages 
 & CMB Information on Pure

If it's out there, and you need it somewhere else, in another way, I know how to do it.... or I will find out fast! Medical Information Specialist. The Web, Social & Virtual (Research) Networks for Health and Medicine. Works @cmbUMCG on 'The Infectious Library'

Other positions

Research Support ; impact, citation analysis and more
Expert Member of Horizon Report Library Editions
Pure Coordinator UMCG
Member of International Programm Committee EMTACL15,
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Contact information

Antonius Deusinglaan 1
9713 AV Groningen
The Netherlands

Central Medical Library

Job title:
Medical Information Specialist & Coordinator Electronic Services
+31 6 1090 0687 (Mobile work)