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Master's degree Marketing

Marketing concentrates on the strategies and methods that companies can use to meet the wishes and requirements of consumers in the relevant market segment. Without this knowledge, the company will not be successful. Therefore, insight into consumer behaviour is indispensable, as is knowledge of the strategies and instruments that can be used to identify consumer needs and serve the market. You analyze consumer markets and business markets, and the markets for goods and services. The focus will be on profit-making organizations, but the public sector and non-profit organizations will also be studied.

Title Marketing
Faculty Economics and Business
Study Marketing
Item Master's programme Marketing
Person Malou Mulder (Student Marketing), Dr. Thorsten Wiesel (Assistant Professor), Yori Wollerich MSc (Alumnus Marketing)
Keywords Master's programme, marketing, economics, business
Duration 03:23
Date of production January 2012
Language English
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