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Scroll to the bottom of the page to read about the latest project developments and current Target activities related to MUSE.

The Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) is a second generation instrument that is currently being developed for the ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) by a consortium of European institutions, led by the Lyon Center for Astrophysics Research (CRAL). It is a panoramic integral-field spectrograph that consists of 24 Integral Field Units and operates in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Providing a wide field of view in combination with high spatial resolution, MUSE is a powerful tool for studying supermassive black holes in nearby galaxies, galaxy formation, stars and the early stage of stellar evolution, solar systems and many more. By coupling image and spectral information, and taking advantage of the improved spatial resolution provided by adaptive optics, MUSE opens the door to new and exciting discoveries. The start of MUSE data collection is planned for 2013.

The advantages of the WISE technology, developed by Target's partner OmegaCEN have been demonstrated by Astro-WISE - an information system that integrates data modeling, data lineage, distributedprocessing and large data storage. The Astro-WISE system, well known within the astronomical community, is concentrating on data handling for data-intensive astronomical experiments. Developed for the OmegaCAM camera on the ESO's VST telescope, it is also managing data from thirteen other instruments mounted on various telescope facilities around the world. As a result, the Astro-WISE system is providing a common, highly collaborative IT environment to all research groups interested in data from any of these observational facilities. As such, it is of interest to the MUSE community, too.

Currently, Target team members are working on integrating the MUSE data reduction pipeline, which is built using ESO's Common Pipeline Library (CPL) into the Astro-WISE information system. This work has brought new insight that will be used by Target to develop methods for quick and easy integration and implementation of diverse sets of software pipelines in Astro-WISE and other Target-developed information systems.

Data from MUSE will be intergated into the Astro-WISE environment, developed and managed by Target's partner OmegaCEN. Image Credit: ESO
Data from MUSE will be intergated into the Astro-WISE environment, developed and managed by Target's partner OmegaCEN. Image Credit: ESO
Latest Project Developments

In September 2012, Target delivered a first functional version of the data processing system for MUSE. The system, known as MUSE-WISE, is based on Target’s WISE technology. Between Sept 2012 and now MUSE-WISE has been installed and is currently operational in several locations of the European MUSE consortium: Groningen, Toulouse Potsdam, Leiden, Lyon and Zurich.

Target and Nova are committed to continue to maintain and further develop the MUSE-WISE information system. Current activities involve the development of common Target Processor* web-services for WISE systems in general and enhancement of the MUSE-WISE data model to support the new versions of data pipelines that will be released by the MUSE consortium towards the commissioning of the instrument.

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