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Society/businessTarget Field Lab - Mining Big DataAbout Target Field Lab



The mission of Target Field Lab

To enable entrepreneurs to accelerate the development and validation of new data-driven products and services. This is achieved by its expertise and innovative facilities.

Every day we experience the power of data: the opportunities of new algorithms, data science and artificial intelligence. Many companies in this region wish to embark on these developments  but do not have the expertise nor the facilities to enter this new world. That's why Target Field Lab exists!

Euclid Data Model
Euclid Data Model

Unlike the usual cloud services, the Field Lab offers domain specific layers to enable easy access for specific  communities, recognizing the different requirements on: protocols, data modeling, data management and flexibility.

The Target Field Lab operates 2 facilities



The facilities are supported by:

  • OmegaCEN, the expertise center for data-intensive astronomy and astronomical information technology of the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the UG


The Field Lab is  currently focusing on domains using:

It is open for extending to other domains and supporting research projects using Big Data.

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