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Third edition TechTalks050, September 30: AI and law – Robotization in the courtroom
When:28 August 2019

Third edition TechTalks050, September 30: AI and law – Robotization in the courtroom

When:11 June 2019

VR event follow up / 1 VR meet up

Save the date: De kracht van VR voor het MKB
When:04 April 2019

Vr Event

Sprekende 5G-bril voor blinden en slechtzienden winnende idee 5G Student Battle
When:25 March 2019

Sprekende 5G-bril voor blinden en slechtzienden winnende idee 5G Student Battle

5G Masterclass over IBM Watson IoT op 4 april
When:22 March 2019

Op donderdag 4 april a.s. zijn Cor Harjtes en Ronald Teijken van IBM te gast tijdens de 5G Masterclass en gaan zij het hebben over IBM Watson IoT.

Target Sponsors EUROVIS Conference
When:08 June 2016

EuroVis 2016, hosted by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (6-10 June 2016) is the 18th annual visualization gathering organized by the Eurographics Working Group on Data Visualization and supported by the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee (IEEE VGTC). EuroVis has been a Eurographics and IEEE co-supported international visualization symposium held in Europe annually since 1999. EuroVis has been a conference since 2012.

Euclid Netherlands Science Data Centre awarded NWO-Groot funding
When:10 February 2016

Euclid is the next cosmology mission of the European Space Agency, ESA. It will study the dark energy and dark matter. The NWO-Groot funding of 1.985.000 euro will be used to establish a Dutch Science Data Centre with which astronomers in the Netherlands can access the data from this satellite, and participate in the scientific analysis.

Astronomers shine new light on invisible dark matter
When:09 July 2015

An international team of astronomers, using data processed within the Target expertise center at the University of Groningen, announced today a series of new findings from a major dark matter survey. These are the first results from the Kilo-Degree Survey which uses ESO's VST telescope in Chile and they include as yet the most accurate measurements of dark matter distribution in groups of galaxies.

A bit closer to understanding the history of our Universe
When:11 May 2015

Not a single seat was left empty at the Infoversum during this year's Target fulldome lecture show, part of the EU Kijkdagen

Astronomers use MUSE to see into the deep Universe like never before
When:26 February 2015

The MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope has given astronomers the best ever three-dimensional view of the deep Universe. MUSE looked at the Hubble Deep Field South region for only 27 hours but the observations reveal the distances, motions and other properties of far more galaxies than ever before as well as faint objects that remained invisible to Hubble. Target at the RUG and other EU partners provide the data management system that enables scientific discoveries with MUSE.

Spectacular inauguration of the Infoversum
When:19 June 2014

June 17th marked the opening of the digital 3D fulldome theater Infoversum in the vibrant city of Groningen. The first theater of its kind in the Netherlands, the Infoversum was inaugurated by the King's commissioner Max van den Berg and the mayor of Groningen Ruud Vreeman.