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Work flow Systems

Objective: Define, develop and implement “work flow systems” that provide the end user with capabilities to influence the underlying code, change the order and fully trace the processing sequences within an information system.

The dramatic progress in computational and storage technologies in the recent years has turned remote possibilities into feasible realities. We're now able to search for new patterns and hidden relationships in exceedinglylarger and more complex physical, natural, social or behavioral systems.A key factor that makes this possible is designing faster and more efficient data mining techniques. Such techniques will prove vital in sustaining the rate of such increased complexity, which is also reflected in our information systems. The challenge is really multidimensional involving (i) clever design of data warehouses characterized by heterogeneous data structures; (ii) development of flexible data mining algorithms that can handle such disparate data structures; (iii) development of specific tools to monitor data extraction, processing and storage; (iv) design of seamless work flow systems and easy to use applications for end-users with diverse background.

Many of these aspects are defined as research themes in the ongoing Target R&D activities, specifically those related to the Lifelines project. In that context, we refer to work flow systems as all functions that generate relevant data products from raw data and deliver it to the end-user.Target partners collaborate in the development of formal techniques and standards for:

  • work flow registration
  • tracking of history
  • quality control and repeatability

It is expected thatthe Lifelines project will be used as a testbed for the development of work flow systems that can analyze in an informative and intelligent fashion potentially enormous data volumes. Listed below are the Target partners who participate in the above-mentioned research activities and the projects that are relevant to this research theme. To read more about each project, see Target Projects.

R&D partners within Target: UMCG, OmegaCEN, Oracle, Nspyre, Target Holding

R&D projects within Target: Lifelines, MONK

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