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Massive data production and quality control (QC)

Objective: Research and development on massive data production  for extremely data intensive scientific and commercial projects. Developing reliable quality control systems for Petabyte-scale archives.

The rise in data storage facilities enhances our ability to store more and different types of raw data. As a result, the number of data products derived from the raw data that carry useful information is steadily climbing, too. In future, information systems have to be developed in a way that can handle the increased demand for data products. Within Target, partners jointly work on improving the organization of large databases in information systems with large-scale data producing processes. Efforts are focused on retrievability of data (tracking & tracing), and reliable quality control.

Within this research theme, Target academic and industry partners gain valuable practical experience by working together onextremely data-intensive projects, currently hosted on the Target testbed. The new knowledge and insights are expected to result in further improvement and optimization of the technology developed by Target partners on all levels - hardware, software, services and applications. Listed below are the Target partners who participate in the above-mentioned research activities and the projects that are relevant to this research theme. To read more about each project, see Target Projects.

R&D partners within Target: Department of Artificial Intelligence, OmegaCEN, IBM, Oracle, Astron

R&D projects within Target: Monk,Lifelines, LOFAR, KiDS/VIKING Surveys

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