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Scalable Distributed Database Systems

Objective: Expansion and optimization of 100+ Terabyte database scalability

We are witnessing rapid advances in communication and data infrastructure and a constant increase in the rate of data collection, processing and transmission. More information helps us answer more questions and the process feeds on itself. The end result is a constant growth in size and complexity of the information systems we use to analyze the oceans of data we've accumulated. What's more, changes in and demands from information systems happen dynamically and more unpredictably than ever before.

To cope with such changes and the continuous influx of new data, such systems require efficient scalability on all levels. Within Target project, partners are investigating how scalability can be reliably achieved using storage, databases and file systems distributed across different locations. More specifically, collaborative activities are focused on scalability of individual databases beyond 1 Petabyte, as well as partitioning, indexing and advanced data lineage in a multi-user, complex, data structure environments. Listed below are the Target partners who participate in the these research activities and the projects that are relevant to this research theme. To read more about each project, see Target Projects.

R&D partners within Target: Oracle, OmegaCEN, Department of Artificial Intelligence, Nspyre

R&D projects within Target: Lifelines, MONK

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