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Scalable Distributed Data Storage

Objective: Design novel architectures for and improve the connectivity of multi-Petabyte widely distributed data storage

Globalization around the world has led to a sharp increase in the number of multinational scientific, industrial and governmental projects and programs. More often than not, data management resources are geographically spread and mutually shared. Moreover, careful planning of strategies for long-term expansion play a critical role in defining the future of such projects. Realizing the importance of such trends, several Target partners conduct cutting-edge collaborative research onscalable distributed data storage. Special attention is paid to:

  • the development of distributed file systems that will be centrally monitored
  • enhancing the links between distributed Petabyte data storage and the databases that manage them
  • improving the scalability of database content.

Listed below are the Target partners who participate in these research activities and the projects that are relevant to this research theme. To read more about each project, see Target Projects.

R&D partners within Target: IBM, OmegaCEN, ASTRON, CIT

R&D project within Target: LOFAR, KiDS/VIKING Survey, MONK

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