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The dynamic nature of today's data-intensive scientific and/or commercial projects renders the long-term planning of a large-scale information system exceedingly difficult. Scalability becomes one of the most important features of such systems, often proving to be definitive for their continued usage and success in the future. The WISE technology has been designed to imposes no limits on storage and processing capacity, allowing information systems to grow and become more complex in a sustainable and manageable way. Within the Target project, partners have developed generic storage and  Grid implementations that support any kind of archive system, and processing facilities ranging from single PC configuration to large scientific clusters. Moreover, the WISE technology allows for a flexible growth is processing and storage power independent not only of size and platform, but also geography. In principle, the WISE technology can connect unlimited number of distributed computing and storage nodes to create a "global" Grid. As a result, information systems utilizing this technology and architecture can easily reach multi Petabyte storage capacity, and exploit scalable high-performance computational facilities.

Last modified:02 October 2015 10.56 p.m.