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Infrastructure Independence

The rapid progress in computer technologies means that we're living in a dynamic ICT environment, where the hardware and software supporting our information systems are continually replaced and upgraded. Having long-term sustainability and flexibility as one of Target's top priorities, we have designed and built the WISE technology as independent as possible of any specific ICT infrastructure.

The Target project focuses on full integration between data-storage and data-processing components in information systems. The software algorithms used by the WISE technology to achieve that are written in Python - an open source, powerful programming language that binds together databases, applications, storage and computing facilities. Data servers and distributed processing units are implemented in a generic way that allows the database to connect to any kind of storage and processing resources. At present, the WISE technology uses Oracle databases, but Target partners are currently developing a new generic version that will work on any SQL database.

Since the WISE technology is independent of ICT infrastructure and database architecture, it offers longstanding adaptability to the fast-changing conditions within the ICT world. In addition, the open-source software system of WISE provides the opportunity for an integration of any existing application software into a WISE-based information system.

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