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Data-centric approach

To achieve backward chaining, the WISE technology depends heavily on extensive and reliable data lineage. This means that special attention is paid not only to raw data and data products, but also to the associated metadata, which is vital for monitoring the links between the data products and their dependencies. Therefore, the WISE technology uses a very data-centric approach for data generation, processing and archiving. All metadata are stored in databases such that data products can be produced on demand at any time from the combination of raw data and the associated metadata available in the system. If any change within the information system occurs,such as improved processing algorithms, configurations or arrival of new raw data,the metadata contains the information of where and how to apply these changes in deriving the requested data product.

The WISE technology, unlike currently existing computational and storage facilities, offers a full integration between archiving and processing. This data-centric approach brings a sustainable solution that is ready for long term data management and preservation in an ever changing ICT environment.

Last modified:02 October 2015 10.56 p.m.