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OmegaCEN, Kapteyn Astronomical Institute

OmegaCEN is a research group at the University of Groningen that maintains a data center for astronomical wide-field imaging data, produced by survey telescopes facilities around the world. The OmegaCEN team conducts research on

  • extreme data lineage in distributed ICT environments
  • large-scale data processing and automated quality control for the end users of complex information systems
  • a new domain called "query driven visualization"

OmegaCEN team members have a continued experience and broad expertise in data handling of massive astronomical data sets. It was within the OmegaCEN group that the concept of the WISE technology emerged. The group also developed and is currently maintaining the first information system that utilized WISE technology - the Astro-WISE system.

OmegaCEN is a founder and a key partners in the Target project. The group provides valuable IT knowledge and expertise, conducts cutting edge research with other partners within Target and brings into the program its longstanding collaboration with major European research organizations, like the European Southern Observatory (ESO), European Space Agency (ESA), and the European Virtual Observatory. Target is already involved in the data management of two ESO projects - KiDS/VIKING Public Surveys and MUSE. To read more about each of these projects, see Target Projects.

OmegaCEN Team Members
OmegaCEN Team Members
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