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IBM is one of the worldwide leaders in the area of IT Services and Consultancy. More than 400,000 IBMers worldwide are involved in inventing and integrating hardware, software and services to enable people, science and businesses realize their goal in an increasingly data-rich world. Computing power is no longer reserved for computers in the traditional way we think of it. Cars, appliances, electronics, highways and even food and medicine are becoming “intelligent”. The world is smarter and better connected than ever before and IBM offers powerful new systems and advanced analyzing possibilities to transfer piles of data into knowledge, insight and useful information.

IBM is one of the key partners in the Target project. It provides the distributed data storage facilities for the Target testbed and works closely with other partner in several main areas:

  • improving the scalability and performance of distributed 1+ Petabyte storage systems
  • developing intelligent solutions for the integration oflarge-scale information systems and massive storage systems
  • developing operating environments for massive data processing, analysis and retrieval, with a focus on long term sustainability and preservation

IBM - Target partnership is an example of a strong synergy between academia and the industry. On one hand, IBM provides cutting-edge hardware technology to facilitate the scientific endeavors of researchers from a variety of disciplines. On the other hand, IBM can monitor the performance of its products in extremely demanding research environments, and use the feedback provided by the researchers to improve its technologies.

One of IBM's High-Performance Supercomputers - the Blue Gene P. Image Credit: IBM
One of IBM's High-Performance Supercomputers - the Blue Gene P. Image Credit: IBM
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