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Heeii is the second IT partner in the Target project. It is a fast-growing company, based in Groningen that offers innovative Internet search services and recommendation engines for web browsers. Working closely with algorithms that borrow ideas from artificial intelligence and rely heavily on data lineage, Heeii joined Target to explore ways of improving intelligent search machines for very large data files with complex connections.

Target offers Heeii its distributed computing platform (the Target testbed), where their new algorithms can be tested and refined. In the process, knowledge sharing with other Target partners sets the scene for the advent of new, more scalable and more generic search engine applications. Meanwhile, Target partners can borrow Heeii search engine technology and apply it to other relevant projects.

Two competitive Internet services have already emerged on the market as a result of Heeii - Target collaboration. Heeii is a smart sidebar for browsers that facilitates surfing by 'predicting' which sites are most likely of interest, and therefore relevant, to the user based on his personal preferences and browse patterns. In 2010, Heeii launched Crowdynews - a series of widgets that dynamically generate relevant content pulled from Twitter, based on the currently browsed web site. Targeting mainly online newspaper media, Heeii has already gained significant popularity among Washington Times, Daily Herald, The Reporter, Daily Trubune, the Middletown Press and many more.

Last modified:02 October 2015 10.56 p.m.