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Center for Information Technology

The Center for Information Technology (CIT) at the University of Groningen is a leading European institute for information technology. It is one of the Dutch academic ICT centers for High Performance Computing and has a long track record in supporting high-quality IT research, along with projects in other scientific domains.

The role of CIT as a Target partner is to offer a professional, integrated and managed ICT environment for the activities being developed within the Target project. Much of the infrastructure available to Target is hosted within the CIT center. Currently, this includes the facilities of the center comprising of high-performance clusters and storage, as well as Target's own computational and storage systems. The CIT center is also responsible for the reliable integration of the diverse data sets from various projects within Target on the Target testbed (for more information on the Target testbed see Target Infractructure).  

Visit the official website of CIT here

Center for Information Technology, RUG
Center for Information Technology, RUG
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