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Target Organization

The figure below represents the internal structure of the Target organization.  This structure was specifically chosen to facilitate quick transition of the R&D activities of Target into innovative and marketable solutions in the area of data management for excremely large data volumes.  

Most R&D activities of Target are efficiently synchronized between different work package groups and committees with clearly defined goals and responsibilities.

The management team supervises Target activities, grouped into four work packages, on a daily basis. It consists of the Target project coordinator, the director of Target Holding and the project managers of the work packages. The liaison group consists of representatives from all Target parties. Both, the management team and the liaison group meet every two weeks to discuss current progress and future direction for the Target project.

The steering committee meets once a year to decide the overall strategy and objectives for the Target project. It comprises of top-level representatives from every partner in the project and members of the governing body SNN. The steering committee is also responsible for setting up channelsto disseminate the knowledge that results from the R&D initiatives of Target to the outside world and other interested parties.

The user committee acts as an intermediary between Target and its current and potential customers. Members of the user committee include representatives from the scientific as well as industry partners of Target, and their quarterly meetings aim at transforming the research questions into final product requirements. The user committee delivers its decisions to the management team.

Target Organization
Target Organization
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