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Target in the press in 2014

Browse through the list of articles about Target published in national or international media outlets in 2014

Q&A With Dr. Jan de Jeu, Finding Common Ground in Big Data
Published on:12 November 2014

The vice president of the University of Groningen talks to the IBM Smarter Planet Blog about the newly initiated ERCET initiative stating that projects like Target and DOME have naturally lead the way towards the exascale era.

Project in genomics discovers more about Dutch population
Published on:02 July 2014

The Genome of the Netherlands project is an ambitious endeavour of more than 50 researchers to use full genome sequencing to find out more about Dutch population. New findings were published last week in Nature Genetics journal, catching the attention of local science journalists. A full page article just appeared in the Dagblad van het Noorden. National High-Performance Computing infrastructure, including the Target infrastructure at the Zernikeborg made this study possible.

Big Data gets Big attention at the EU Kijkdagen 2014
Published on:12 May 2014

Target welcomed more than seventy visitors this Saturday during a Big Data open day, which was part of this year's "Europe around the corner" initiative organized by the Dutch government and the EU commission. The event didn't escape the attention of the media. An article featuring the event appeared this Monday on page 3 of the highly rated Dagblad van het Noorden newspaper.

To read our own news release about the event, visit

Groningen will host a digital version of the dark Universe
Published on:11 March 2014

The first article in this issue of the University UK magazine is dedicated to the NL Euclid Science Data Center being developed by Target in collaboration with ESA to host the impressive amounts of data from the Euclid mission. The Euclid mission will be launched in 2020 and it will map the 3D structure of dark matter in the Universe allowing researchers and scientists to uncover the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy which is believed to cause the accelerating expansion of our Universe. But scientists won't be the only people having access to the Euclid data. The cutting-edge computational and visualization technology of the Infoversum 3D dome theater will allow the general public to fly through the dark Universe during a spectacular show.

The Target role in the Euclid mission grabs the media attention
Published on:17 February 2014

Six years from now, an European collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) will launch a satellite into space carrying cutting edge technology to map the structure and evolution of dark matter and dark energy. The satellite, named Euclid after the great mathematician will image about 10 billion astronomical objects. These data and data from many ground-based telescopes will be stored and analysed in a massive distributed archive system used by thousands of scientists in Europe and around the world. The Target coordinator, Edwin Valentijn talked to the RTV channel and explained why the University of Groningen and the northern region are really excited about the Euclid mission.

OmegaCEN and Target in NOVA 2010-2012 report
Published on:17 January 2014

The Netherlands Research School for Astronomy (NOVA) has just issued its regular report detailing the activities conducted and achievements accomplished by researchers and students from participating institutions in the period 2010-2012. Flipping through the pages you can quickly find an article that highlights the research and results of the OmegaCEN group, the lead partner and founder of Target. These include the delivery of the KiDS/VIKING survey to the European Southern Observatory (ESO), expansion of the Astro-WISE system and securing a leading role in the development of the archive system for the ESA's Euclid mission. Read the whole article >>