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News Bits 2012


New Euclid satellite Science Data Center at RUG receives major funding

A collaboration between the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy (NOVA), Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON), the Leiden Observatory, Target, RUG’s Center for Information Technology (CIT) and OmegaCEN/Kapteyn Institute from the RUG have decided to found a new space research data-handling center at the University of Groningen. The Science Data Center will support the Euclid mission, recently selected by ESA. Read more >>


Target and LOFAR almost ready to provide first scientific data to the astronomical community

LOFAR - the largest radio synthesis telescope in the world has been providing commissioning data for some time, but it is expected to deliver its first scientific data to the research community involved in the key science projects at the beginning of December this year. The design and development of the LOFAR long-term archive is one of the large-scale scientific projects of Target and the consortium is delighted to announce timely progress ensuring that the initial deadline of December 1st is met. The speed of data ingestion has increased reaching its expected values. Currently, the Target team is working hard on getting the services for data access up and running. Astronomers from around the world will access the LOFAR data through the Astro-WISE system developed by the Target member OmegaCEN.

Major progress reported by LifeLines

During the first week of November, LifeLines celebrated the delivery of two workspaces to medical researchers. This is an important milestone for the project and everyone involved - from the participants in the project to its scientific and technical staff to the community of medical researchers and doctors who are ready to dive in the ocean of data in search of answers - is looking forward to hearing and learning about new advances in our understanding of healthy aging that will be made possible with LifeLines. As a partner in the development of LifeLines databases, Target joins in the celebrations.

Target Holding is expanding

The activities and project partners of Target Holding are rapidly expanding covering diverse IT domains like search engines, data visualization, online health care and more. To adequately respond to the current situation and ensure a sustained growth in the future, Target Holding will add additional hardware capabilities to the Target testbed dedicated to providing services to its business clients and partners.

Target ready to deliver the KiDS survey to the community early next year

The KiDS public survey is one of the surveys planned on the VST telescope managed by the European Southern Observatory, which started operation in October last year. The Target partner OmegaCEN is responsible for the data handling aspects of the KiDS survey whose data will be archived on the Target testbed and accessed through the Astro-WISE system. The production phase of KiDS data went very smoothly with high processing speeds that allowed undisrupted data influx of raw data from Paranal, Chile where the telescope is located. The fast production of the survey catalogs allow OmegaCEN to focus on further improving the automated quality control algorithms embedded in the Astro-WISE system.

First version of e-Vitality platform ready

Target Holding and its partner e-Vitality are happy to announce the launching of the first version of their online platform for self-powered health care management. You can check it our at


Target partner OmegaCEN reports  progress in data management and quality control of large astronomical surveys

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) conducted a four-day workshop in Garching, Germany on "Science for the Next Generation Imaging and Spectroscopic Surveys", where the focus was placed on presenting an overview of the progress with ESO's large public survey projects. Apart from demonstrating the exciting new science that has been produced with survey data from VISTA, VST and other telescope facilities at LaSilla- Paranal site, the workshop dedicated significant attention to the data handling of the massive data volumes coming from these telescopes. The generation, quality control, access and availability of data products to the wider scientific community were recognized as crucial in defining the scientific and long-term success of ESO's large public surveys. Target partner, OmegaCEN is heavily involved in data handling of KiDS public survey data - one of the three surveys to be produced by the VST telescope. One year into the operation of the VST, OmegaCEN was delighted to announce to the astronomy community at Garching  of a smooth ingest of KiDS data with faster and improved data quality control. KiDS data will be archived on the Target storage facilities and accessed via the Astro-WISE system.

Prof. Lambert Schomaker receives two awards during the 13th ICFHR conference

Prof. Lambert Schomaker, the father of the Target-supported Monk system won the Dr. Ching Yee Suen Special Award at this year's International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition held in Bari, Italy. At the same conference, a paper written by his graduate student Jean-Paul van Oosten and co-authored by prof. Schomaker himself won the Best Paper Award of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR).

Target featured  on the IBM website as a success story

IBM conducted a case study on Target which appeared this month in the "Success Stories" section of their website.

LifeLines project welcomed its 100 000 participant

The nine year old Yannicken Vierveijzer was the 100 000th participant who joined the LifeLines project - currently the largest medical research project in the Netherlands. Lifelines aims to gather impressive volumes of genotype and phenotype data for 165 000 participants in the coming 30 years and use it to advance our knowledge of what factors play major role in the development of diseases that aggravate aging processes.  

Fruitful visit to Groningen by Keith Noddle from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh

The Kapteyn Institute and Target invited Keith Noddle from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh to give a colloquium on the past, present and (possible) future of the Virtual Observatory. The colloquium, held on October 4th, was followed by a stimulating discussion with Target about possible applications of the Astro-WISE system in collaborative projects.

Target steps in the field of online health management

Target Holding, E-Vitality BV and the Hanze Institute of Technology have made steps forward in defining a collaborative project in the field of online health management. Target Holding is the Target partner responsible for the transformation of the multidisciplinary research conducted at the Target expertise center to market-driven and/or socially relevant applications in information technologies.

LOFAR steps up using the Target testbed

The EOR (Epoch of Reionization) project, one of the key science projects of LOFAR has started to send data to the new GPFS-base storage on the Target testbed. The Target facilities will host a large portion of the LOFAR long-term archive.

New website for the Target Holding

Target Holding has announced that it will have a new website by the end of this month. Check them out at the beginning of November and experience better navigation, up to date information and user-friendly design.

Target partners sponsor this year's Digital Heritage Conference

Target Holding and the Artificial Intelligence Institute at the University of Groningen are among the sponsors of the annual Digital Heritage Conference which will be held in Rotterdam this year on December 3rd and 4th. The Target partners are expected to present recent results and progress with Monk and Scratch4all project. To learn more about the conference, visit their website.

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