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A Practical Introduction to Databases

Image Credit: Oracle
Image Credit: Oracle

In a series of four lectures you will be introduced to databases and their practical applications for scientific and business projects. The material will be constructed and developed using Oracle as an example, but references to other databases will be made along the way. The course is suitable for students with some computer engineering background, software engineers who want to expand their knowledge in the field of databases and beginners in database development.

Instructor: Dr. Andrey Tsyganov, Database Developer Expert currently working as a Database Administrator for the Target project

Schedule: Lecture 1- 13th November 2012; Lecture 2 - 20th November 2012; Lecture 3 - 27th November 2012; Lecture 4 - 4th December 2012

Time: 14:30 - 16:30 (applies to all lectures)

Location: Auditorium 53, Donald Smits Center for Information Technology (CIT), University of Groningen


Concepts: What are databases? History and general terms. general description of database architecture, physical disk allocation, memory and processes. Database approach to backup, recovery and security. Introduction ot database clusters.


Database structures: tables, views, indeces and triggers. Primary and foreign fey constraints. Application of database structures in a variety of applications. Differences between warehouse applications and relational general query applications.


SQL - general definition of the SQL language. Explanation of how an SQL engine works. SQL query optimization and best practices of writing queries. Recursive and analytical queries.


Storage function, procedures and packages (PL/SQL examples) - introduction to stored procedures and their advantages, and the concept of PL/SQL. Demonstration of Oracle practical examples of PL/SQL usage.

There is no fee for these lectures. Pre-registration is not essential, but preferable so please send an email to in case you're planning to attend.

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