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Society/business Societal themes

Societal themes

Research within the University of Groningen concentrates on three main focus areas– Energy, Healthy Ageing and Sustainable Society. With these themes the University is looking to bridge the gap between science and society. The research not only has immediate social relevance – researchers at the University also cooperate on a large scale with partners from business, public organizations and the government, within and outside the region.

The research priorities are also focused on the future – the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable society in the areas of health, the environment, technological developments and energy are top of the University’s research agenda.

Science and society

Hermien Dijk

'Around twenty percent of the working-age population is estimated to suffer from a mild to moderate mental disorder and most of these mental disorders start in childhood and adolescence. As a result, for a large number of individuals their mental health might influence their (economic) choices; not just healthcare choices, but also education and labour market choices. In the end, mental health problems in children and adolescents do not just result in a major burden of disease, it can affect an individual’s entire life course. If we can get the right interventions to these young individuals, we help them change their life course for the better.'
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