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Tiddo Nieboer (10)

'Het Huis' (The House) by Tiddo Nieboer

Patio, Oude Boteringestraat 52

‘Het Huis’ symbolizes the role of philosophy in relation to the other academic disciplines. Rene Descartes compared philosophy to a tree, with metaphysics forming the roots and the other areas of knowledge forming its branches. Today, philosophy is no longer the foundation of knowledge, but one of the storeys of the ‘house of knowledge’. Philosophy serves as a critic, forcing us to consider things that we thought were self-evident. But it also has a constructive role, establishing connections and creating coherence and discussion within the house of knowledge.  

‘Het Huis’ is the realization of the last design created by Tiddo Nieboer, who died in 2002. The design was realized by artist Harm van Weerden. The current dimensions and materials of ‘Het Huis’ were determined in consultation with Jacoba van Wijk, the widow of Tiddo Nieboer.

Het Huis by Tiddo Nieboer (photo: Peter van der Sijde)
Het Huis by Tiddo Nieboer (photo: Peter van der Sijde)
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