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Maree Blok and Bas Lugthart (7)

'The Changing Same' by Maree Blok and Bas Lugthart

In the pool at the front of the WSN building at the Zernike Complex

The Faculty of Spatial Sciences studies the complex processes of change within human groups, and the ways in which they use and constantly adapt their personal, social and geographical spaces.

This sculpture symbolises those dynamic processes. It is based on the premise that we can only understand the processes by observing the behaviour of individuals. The sculpture shows the contours of a large human figure, made of stainless steel, which is partly concealed by a powerful fountain. When the sun shines on the sculpture, part of a rainbow is sometimes visible within its contours.

The water that is projected upwards by the fountain sways with the movements of the air and explores the contours of the sculpture. It is a powerful metaphor for the way in which man is able to adapt himself and his environment, without losing his identity.

artist impression by day
artist impression by day
artist impression by night
artist impression by night
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