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About the research

The research project has several phases:

1. In the first block (September to November), the students work on a generic questionnaire about social relations in the Schilderswijk on the basis of theory. This questionnaire is drawn up by CIS teachers and the Science Shop and is afterwards tested by the students. This results in one generic questionnaire that the students will use for research in the neighborhood and one questionnaire that focuses on a theme. The identified themes are:

  • Personal communication between residents: is the residents' organization/neighborhood council representative of your needs? Are you in touch with it? Do you know who they are? Etc.
  • Online communication between residents: do you have contact with residents via whatsapp (or other medium)? How active are you? Is there a digiquette (a digital etiquette - agreements about how you interact with each other online). Are you also able to find your way on online media?
  • Contact with institutes. Do you know how to find your way to the municipality if you have any questions? Do you know your local police officer?
  • Measuring the effects of the campaign ‘Ssst!’ installed by the municipality.

2. In the second block, the students collect the data. The groups are divided by street and block, and physically administer the questionnaires to residents. The questionnaires are printed and are left with residents for a week to complete (or not). Each group must gather at least 10 respondents. This results in a response rate of about 300 residents.

3. On the basis of the collected questionnaires, each group will write a small research report of a few pages with briefly some points of advice. These reports are checked and graded by the teachers of the programme.

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