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The Research Committee

The research committee consists of a delegation of residents (neighborhood council members), municipality (‘old town’ district manager, nuisance coordinator, prevention coach), community police officer and university (CIS teachers and a student delegation, the so-called research ambassadors). The Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication acts as a connecting and neutral party, and in that capacity also takes a seat on the committee. In this way we guarantee support for the research, and we involve residents in the research design, implementation, results and recommendations for all parties involved.

The research committee meets at least three times:

  • Once at the start of October (evening) to discuss the design of the research, to coordinate communication and the streamlining of the research. More information can also be given here about the scientific approach to the research and the planning from the programme.
  • Once at the start of November (evening), before the examination begins. 3 students (research ambassadors, 1 per working group) also join this meeting to provide further information on what they are researching.
  • Once in February, when the research is done. The students present the (preliminary) results, and the working group determines how these results can best be presented to the residents of the Schilderswijk.

Tasks of the research committee:

  • The committee takes on an advisory role in the study. Each delegate brings a perspective to the research from their own expertise.
  • In addition, the committee member acts as an ambassador for his own audience. He/she is responsible for bringing the research to the attention of his own audience and creating support for it. In this way we increase the reciprocity of the research.
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