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Language Learning Histories

How do you learn a foreign language? Unfortunately, there is no recipe that leads to fast success. Everyone brings his own knowledge of his native language and other languages, his own motivation, history, personality, perseverance and self confidence. But if you try to learn a language you also deal with an environment which does or does not support you, a teacher, a method. Because of all these factores, all language students have their own story, an own Language Learning History (LLH). Being aware of your own LLH helps you not to make the same mistakes several times, to search for an environment that stimulates you and to take care of a personal efficient approache that keeps you motivated. Knowledge of those personal stories also helps language teachers to guide their students better in their attempt to learn the language.

Language Learning Histories at the Language Center

The Language Center from the University of Groningen provides language courses to many different students, like RUG students who want to upgrade their knowledge of English, and immigrants who want to learn Dutch. They are aware of the different LLHs of the students and try to keep them into account. But isn't it possible that others can also benefit from these stories? That is why the Language Center contacted the Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication.

Students write a book

The Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication asked students from the minor applied linguistics to search for and write down different LLHs. They visited a course from the Language Center and interviewed students. To many students a new world opened. In the final assignment of the class about bilingualism they connected their interviews to everything they learned in class. This resulted in 50 articles, from which a selection will be published. This way, we hope that more people can benefit from these personal stories of different students. In the fall of 2013 we expect to publish the book.

Start : February 1st, 2013

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