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Revised edition of ‘Dermatological Preparations for the Tropics. A formulary of dermatological preparations and background information on therapeutic choices, production and dispensing.’

This formulary is a guide for the small scale, local production of medicines against a variety of skin diseases. It focuses on production and application in developing countries and regions with a tropical climate. Skin diseases are among the most common reasons for seeking medical advice in these areas: some of the most serious and prevalent diseases are leprosy, psoriasis and a diversity of fungal infections. Although skin diseases are, in general, not life threatening, they may cause considerable discomfort and often have serious social implications. Standard preparations for the treatment of skin diseases are often expensive, and may be unsuitable for use in tropical conditions. This formulary is a practical manual for the production and use of cheap and effective dermatological medicines. It provides the information needed to set up a local production unit, for example with a dermatology clinic. The book may also be used as a textbook for teaching dermatological therapy. Local health care workers may use it to develop drug policies and formularies for dermatologicals. Thereby it will aid in making communities more self-supporting and make dermatological therapy available for everyone.


Peter Bakker, pharmacist

Herman Woerdenbag, pharmacist

Vincent Gooskens, dermatologist

Ben Naafs, dermatologist
Rachel van der Kaaij, microbiologist

Nicolien Wieringa, pharmacist

2nd, revised edition 2012

With a preface by Hans Hogerzeil, Professor of Global Health, University of Groningen

Former Director of Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies, WHO, Geneva

The formulary is a publication of the Beta Science Shop of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy of this University. To order this book, send an email to Wewi-fwn , mentioning your name, address, email address, occupation and intended use of the book. The book will be delivered free of charge to those working as health care professionals in developing countries or regions. Others will be asked to pay € 15,-  for production and shipping costs.

A digital version will be freely accessible through

For more information about this publication, contact Rachel van der Kaaij: r.m.van.der.kaaij
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