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Society/business House of Connections


Picture by: Angelo Roga

The House of Connections is a multifunctional location where various activities and events can take place simultaneously. The House of Connections is not a typical meeting location, but a place where the focus is on interdisciplinarity, collaborations and social impact. The programming of the House of Connections is therefore focused on these themes with the aim of making visible how science and education contributes to solving major social problems.

Spaces at House of Connections
It is not possible to reserve specific spaces in the House of Connections. You can only send in a request for an activity and you will be allocated a space based on availability, the number of people, the facilities etc. The House of Connections does not have completely separate, soundproof rooms as all spaces are connected to each other.

The House of Connections has a maximum capacity of 180 guests. If you want to organize plenary sessions, then we have a maximum capacity of 120-140 guests depending on your programme.

At the moment, the House of Connections is only available for events and activities where the organization is in the hands of the University of Groningen. External parties cannot make use of the House of Connections.

University of Groningen staff can submit a request for use of the House of Connections:

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