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Energy, Tech & Tunes: Energy Transition x Hydrogen

When:Th 18-01-2024 12:00 - 16:15
Where:House of Connections, Grote Markt 21

Groningen and energy transition; two words that are often used in the same sentence. The city is front runner when it comes to hydrogen and has been recognised by the European Commission as Europe’s first Hydrogen Valley. Building on last year’s success, we offer another programme on hydrogen and other aspects of the energy transition during ESNS festival.

With confirmed speakers such as Paul Schurink (owner of ZAPP Concepts and co-founder of Green Events) and the launch of the new Podcast series "Groen Geld Verdienen" by ENTRANCE - Centre of Expertise Energy!

This programme is bilingual as some sessions are presented in English and others in Dutch. See the programme below for more information.

Programme "Energy Transition x Hydrogen"

Walk-in with lunch
13:00 (English)

Keynote by Paul Schurink

Paul Schurink is an leading expert in the field of temporary energy supply. Her is owner of ZAP Concepts and co-founder of Green Events and MyZap. He has worked on events, festivals and (world) tours including Coldplay, the Olympic Games, UEFA EURO 2012 and The Ocean Races. He is an authority and expert in the field of energy and sustainability, secialized in energy assessment, measurement and logging, as well as design of the optimal power supply fore events (Smart Power Plan).

13:30 (Dutch)

Podcast "Groen Geld Verdienen"

ENTRANCE, Centre of Expertise Energy, launches a new podcast series in which entrepreneurs talk about how to make money by being green. Experts are invited to provide valuable advise to participating entrepeneurs and discuss how they can inspire other entrepreneurs to sustainable entrepreneurship. The first two, brand-new episodes will be recorded during Energy, Tech and Tunes! The people from the ENTRANCE award-winning companies, BioBTX and New Born Rubber , will talk about their best practices and share light on challenges and opportunities. And experts from both the University of Groningen and ENTRANCE will join the conversations to delve deeper into the topics.

Coffee break
14:30 ( English )

The Future of Energy Transition in Education

- Dulce Morales Hernández, professor Electrocatalysis - University of Groningen
- Milad Abbasiharofteh, professor innovation and technology management - University of Groningen
- Roeland Hogt, practor Automotive Mobility and Hydrogen Technology - Noorderpoort
- Willem Hazenberg, practor Hydrogen - Drenthe College
- Joan Teerling, lector Sustainable Fuels and Gases - Hanzehogeschool of Applied Sciences
- Marten van der Laan, lector System Integration in the energytransition - Hanzehogeschools of Applied Sciences

- Marcel Koenis (director business development, ENTRANCE - center of expertise Energy, Hanzehogeschool)


Information session:
Safety, Finance and Regulations in Hydrogen

As the global focus intensifies on clean and sustainable energy, hydrogen emerges as a pivotal player. It's not easy to innovate within this field because a lot is unknown or regulation is missing. Jasper Baltus, from Watermeln (hydrogen power units) has overcome a lot of those early and new innovator challenges. Besides the journey of Jasper Baltus, the Safety Region Groningen will enlighten us with their perspective on how to cope with innovators and the lack of regulations/certifications? Enhancing or countering innovation?

- Jasper Baltus (Watermeln)
- Heko Scheltema (Vereniging van Evenementenmakers)
- and more!

Optional: trip to the hydrogen generator on the Grote Markt

Energy, Tech & Tunes
House of Connections is proud to present the three-day programme "Energy, Tech, and Tunes" on 17, 18, and 19 January 2024. Are you interested in subjects such as technology, music, energy transition and the festival industry? This programme will then suit you perfectly. Submerge yourself in a diverse and unique programme where we look at a variety of themes from different perspectives.

The programme "Energy, Tech & Tunes" is a unique collaboration between University of Groningen, ESNS and Metropolitan Region Groningen.

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