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Bas Baalmans extends his work as program manager digitalization

15 February 2022

In 2022, Bas Baalmans will continue his role as program manager digitalization within the team of Industry Relations. Bas has been working with us since January 2021 and continues to contribute to the University of Groningen’ proposal regarding the European Digital Innovation Hub. In addition, Bas will continue working on shaping the follow-up to the 5Groningen program, in which mobile connectivity will be central. Beside his profession at Industry Relations, Bas works as a project manager at the Groningen Digital Business Center (GDBC). Bas acts as a connecting factor between different faculties at the RUG to collect, share, and bring together input for the proposal. In this role, he strengthens the network between the involved faculties and collaboration partners and expands collaborations further.

Over the past year, Bas - together with the various knowledge institutions - collected input and feedback about the EDIH proposal, which combines knowledge and expertise on digitalization. This proposal will be presented in February. In addition to the EDIH project, Bas will be working on the successor of the 5Groningen program. Here, Bas will join the Education & Research cluster and once again act as the link between the University of Groningen and other northern knowledge institutions within the long learning path.

We are very pleased that Bas continues his work within the Industry Relations team in 2022 and we wish him much success in the coming period.

Do you have questions about the European Digital Innovation Hub in the Northern Netherlands or are you interested in mobile connectivity? Please do not hesitate to contact Bas Baalmans. This can be done via:

E-mail: industryrelations or b.s.baalmans

Phone: 06 22494353

For more information about the Industry Relations team or the digital society theme, please visit our website.

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