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Numerical solutions

The Centre for Information Technology (CIT) has various machines available for use in large computational problems. The CIT assists researchers in solving difficult numerical problems and helps them to adapt their programs for use on supercomputers, clusters or grid computing.

Many scientists don't have the time or the knowledge to optimize their programs for use with multiple processors. The CIT has the knowledge to assist them in this work. For those who want to do it themselves we offer an MPI course.

A matrix from the article about MRILU
A matrix from the article about MRILU

Parallel solution of ocean circulation flow problems

With sponsoring from the National Computing Facilities foundation (NCF) A.Meijster and F.Wubs worked on an MPI implementation of the problem for use on shared-memory machines. »

Antenna simulaties
Antenna simulaties

Antenna simulation for Radio Holland

Radio Holland has an application that determines a ships location using only a few seconds of radio communication. Until now they used only two antennas but that turned out to be not accurate enough for the heavily used ship routes. The problem was to find the best location for a possible third antenna. The Center for Information Technology created an interactive application that produces a map with the expected accuracy using the position of two or more antennas. »

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