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Job opening at starfleet, apply now!

Datum:10 maart 2016
The CIT (aka starfleet headquarters)
The CIT (aka starfleet headquarters)

You can read the article, but if you like

Python + Star Trek = Apply

Who wouldn’t want to work for starfleet, the most advanced tech organization in the solar system? The only disadvantage is that fictional organizations aren’t too good at pay checks. At the Center of Information Technology in the Netherlands however, we are pretty close to being that kind of tech innovation research temple. There is a Holodeck (no joke!) which by accident is called a cave. There is incredible computing power available at the tips of your fingers and the most inspiring mission some of my colleagues are working on is the Euclid mission. And now they are looking for new recruits..

The mission is focused on the new Euclid satellite. She will be launched in 2020. This amazing piece of space technology will scan the universe to give us clues on Dark Energy and Dark Matter and beam huge amounts of sensor data back to us at the surface so we can explore the final frontier.

Besides that, Groningen is also one of the coolest cities in Europe (a progressive metropolis, according to Lonely Planet).

This is your chance to be part of something big, important ánd inspiring. Check out the vacancy or ask project supervisor Dr. Rees Williams ( for more info. Closing date for applications is 31st March 2016.