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The projectpartner you never knew you needed

Datum:03 juli 2017
Auteur:Govert Schoof
De sterkte van je team bepaalt de sterkte van de kopman. #Tour
De sterkte van je team bepaalt de sterkte van de kopman. #Tour

At Geodienst we are known for our pragmatic and enthusiastic support for research and education. As long as there’s something spatial involved, we’re there to help. What is less well known, is that we are a reliable project partner as well. With most grant applications, keen researchers (that’s you!) with deep domain knowledge are the single applicant. Not a bad plan, but isn’t there something missing in this picture? In fact, sometimes there is.

Whether it is an ERC, a H2020 an NWO-groot or SNN grant you're toiling on, if there is an important technical aspect in the project, it might be a lifesaver to team up with a strong supporting partner (that's us :sunglasses:). At Geodienst we are really good spatial ánd ict engineers, and we’re great collaborators. Last year we’ve partnered in several projects with scientist from Oxford, Stanford, VU and our own RUG (to name but a few). We also work together a lot with government and business.
Partnering with the Geodienst brings the following benefits:

-A better proposal. Not to be arrogant, but unless geo-ict is your forte, we will be able to contribute value. Together we’ll discuss what’s needed, and then you can leave the nasty technical details to us. We can (co-)write your entire technical paragraph, improving your chances of success!

-Great design. Whatever we build, it’s got to be both functional and good looking. In many projects usability is overlooked. We believe a good design is an absolute must. Check out the public outreach site we developed as part of the PAN project:

-We don’t have a research agenda. Supporting different domains of science is our core business and we’re proud of doing it well. We don’t have any conflicting interests. We just help bring great projects to life with ict-development or spatial analysis.

-Focus on your essence. What is the thing you love most? For us it is spatial information. If for you it is archeology or ecology or econometrics or energy or health (etc), chances are we might be very good complimentary partners. Let’s find out!

Want to know more? Drop us a line at and we’re happy to answer any questions or have a good cup of coffee (preferably both).