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Interactive Demo CD

Earth, 65 milion years ago
Earth, 65 milion years ago

This interactive 3D demo was created by the Centre for High Performance Computing and Visualisation for the Dutch oil company NAM. This demo shows you how the results of a seismic survey produce a picture of what is going on underground. The demo consists of four steps. First you see what the ground under the Netherlands looks like, then how this came about. Next, the demo explains how we were able to gain all this information and, finally, why we can now safely drill for natural gas.

Seismic data
Seismic data

Bad Bill

Unfortunately the functionality of Microsoft Internet Explorer (needed for this CD) has changed due to Microsoft updates, which prevents the demo from working correctly. Luckily there is a fix: a registry entry needs to be added. The easiest way is to unzip this file onto your computer and double click the file 'Cosmo_MIME_Type.reg'. Another way is to go to the Start menu/Run after you install the software on the CD and execute the following command. You should make sure that the command fits on a single line.

REG COPY "HKCR\MIME\Database\Content Type\model/vrml" "HKCR\MIME\Database\Content Type\model/vrml,x-world/x-vrml"

After this, CosmoPlayer, responsible for the 3D interaction, should work again.

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