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Data visualization

3D visualization and Virtual Reality are powerful tools for gaining insight into large amounts of abstract data, such as simulation results, online databases or scientific measurement data.

3D visualisation of an NMR spectrum
3D visualization of an NMR spectrum

NMR: Projection reconstruction in 4D and 5D

The NMR group at the University of Groningen is working on an advanced technique to use a small number of 'projected' 2D NMR spectra to reconstruct an entire 4D (or even 5D). Interactive 3D visualization tools, developed by HPC/V, allow the researchers to quickly calculate this reconstruction and experiment with the different parameters in order to get the best results. »

Visualisation of a legal database
Visualization of a legal database

Information visualization: legal databases in 3D

Large text documents, such as legal codes, are difficult to navigate through and one easily loses sight of the overall picture. 3D Information visualization provides new insights into the structure and reveals hidden relationships between the elements. »

SARAgene: genomics in 3D
SARAgene: genomics in 3D

Data mining in genomics: SARAgene

SARAgene is a Virtual Reality application for research in genomics. It is designed to help researchers focus on relevant genes and proteins in the development of new drugs. »

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