3D scalar visualization

See ..../vtk/3Ds

Display 3D scalar in Structured Points data file $VTKDATA/heart.vtk
32*32*12 CT scan data of the human heart (courtesy of Henk Mastenbroek, RuG)

All Tcl-scripts are modifications of the basic script isosurface.tcl

  • Isosurface

    list isosurface.tcl

    Special: vtkMarchingCubes

    ../fortranVtk/3DdataVtk.f shows how to generate and display this data with a Fortran program.

  • Dividing Cubes

    list dividingCubes.tcl

    Special: vtkDividingCubes

  • Othogonal cutting plane

    list ortho.tcl

    Special: vtkExtractVOI

    Uses data file $VTKDATA/rheart.vtk , see data spacing

  • Arbitrary cutting plane

    list arbCutPlane.tcl

    Special: vtkPlane, vtkCutter

  • Contour slices

    list contourSlices.tcl

    contour lines in z-slices

    Special: vtkMarchingSquares

  • Brick

    list brick.tcl

    Special: vtkStructuredPointsGeometryFilter, tcl-procedure

  • Three orthogonal planes

    list threeOrthPlanes.tcl

    Special: vtkStructuredPointsGeometryFilter

  • Three orthogonal planes with colorbar

    list threeOrthPlanesColorb.tcl

    Special: vtkStructuredPointsGeometryFilter

  • Bubbleviz

    list ../glyphs/bubbleviz.tcl

    spheres colored by data values, see also ../glyphs

    Special: vtkSphereSource, vtkGlyph3D, vtkExtractVOI

  • Volume rendering

    list volSimple.tcl

    See book=2ed. 216 ...
    Needs binary data file $VTKDATA/binHeart.vtk .

    See conversion program $VTKDATA/asciiToBinSP.c to generate Structured Points BINARY vtk file from the ASCII data file $VTKDATA/heartData.vtk

    Special: vtkPiecewiseFunction, vtkColorTransferFunction, vtkVolumeProperty, vtkVolumeRayCastCompositeFunction , vtkVolumeRayCastMapper, vtkVolume volume

  • Two isosurfaces

    list twoIsosurfaces.tcl

    two isosurfaces, change opacity of one iso surface

    The order in which the actors are added to the Rendere is critical!

    Special: SetOpacity

  • Color on isosurface

    list colorOnIso.tcl

    reads data file $VTKDATA/heart_2s.vtk with two scalars: scalars and colors
    An isosurface is generated from the scalars data and the color is generated from the colors values
    See how two scalar data sets must be read with two separate readers ...

    Special: vtkContourFilter, vtkProbeFilter, vtkCastToConcrete,vtkPolyDataNormals, vtkLODActor

  • Color on isosurface with colorbar

    list colorOnIsoColorb.tcl

  • Normals visualized as cones (glyphs)

    list normals.tcl

    Cones are not displayed during transformations - this effect is caused by vtkLODActor.

    Special: vtkConeSource, vtkGlyph3D, vtkLODActor

    RuG vtk course