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Society/business Center for Information Technology Research and Innovation Support Virtual Reality and Visualisation Training HPCV

Overview of courses

HPC/V offers various courses on the subject of high-performance computing and visualization, aimed at researchers (and other interested parties) who lack some specific knowledge that could help them in their work, such as OpenGL or parallel programming. The courses generally last 1 or 2 days and are given on request.

As well as giving our own courses, we also provide regular courses in the student curriculum. We also (co)organize workshops like

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it's so cute.

Beginners course Linux cluster on Peregrine

Some users handling big problems try to use pc's to solve them. For many of those the big Peregrine cluster of the university is much more suitable and possibly many times faster. For the people that want to investigate those possibilities the CIT organises a beginners course.

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