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Millipede cluster user guide: Support

Generally speaking we have 2 sysadmins available for support regarding questions about quota, hardware problems, passwords, file permissions etc. These 2 persons also keep the hardware running and with more hardware than before, there is more to break, so quite some time is needed for reparing broken nodes.

Besides the two sysadmins, there are a few people from HPC/V department for answering all your other questions like 'how do I start program xyz on 20 nodes', 'can you help me to get more performance out of my program', etc.

All support is channelled through the servicedesk. This has many advantages for you and for us.

See the CIT servicedesk pages for info on how to reach them.

If you need an account you can use the online form

Last modified:11 April 2016 1.22 p.m.