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Society/business Center for Information Technology Research and Innovation Support Virtual Reality and Visualisation

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The Smitsborg, home of HPC/V
The Smitsborg, home of HPC/V

Job openings

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Internship positions

HPC/V offers students in relevant subjects (computer science, design, etc.) the possibility of doing an internship project in the field of 3D visualization. Possible topics include:  

  • VTK and user interfaces in the Reality Cube, 3D GUIs
  • Novel ways of user interaction in VR, e.g. WiiMote, PDA, gesture recognition
  • Extending our 3D viewer (based on OpenSceneGraph), e.g. to improve visual quality (water shaders, cloud rendering, shadows, etc.)
  • 3D modelling, e.g. extending our current 3D model of the Zernikeborg
  • Conversion of Google Earth to the Reality Theatre and/or the Reality Cube
  • Conversion of Second Life to the Reality Theatre and/or the Reality Cube
  • Constructing a set of nice (scientific) visualization examples for demo purposes:
    VTK, simulation, volume rendering, medical visualization, etc.
  • A stereo movie player for the Reality Theatre, running in sync over the entire screen
  • etc.

These are just a few examples; your own ideas are welcome as well.

Contact us for more information on internships.

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