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Free courses Geodienst CIT

02 October 2019

The Geodienst CIT offers several free courses for UG students, - staff and -PhD's. Do you like to participate? Then please sign up. For more information and more courses also visit the CIT Academy

Create your own online webtool with interactive maps!

Doing research is something everyone at a university can do, but presenting the research and making the underlying data available is not everyone’s cup of tea. A Story Map is a website that contains text, images, videos and interactive maps! It has successfully been used by FSE researchers in supporting their publication in Science. Using the web applications available within the universities’ ArcGIS Online environment, your data are in the right place for edits, analyses and updates.

In this workshop you will learn how to make an interactive map in the online environment and how to present this as a Story Map.

Finding your way in Dutch open geodata

The Dutch government provides a lot of data about the Netherlands through different online platforms. The Central Bureau of Statistics has data on every municipality, neighborhood and sub-neighborhood, the Cadastre about all houses and parcels, the municipalities about the design of the (urban/rural) landscape, and that is just the start. How to find the needle you need in the haystack of open Dutch geodata? In this course you will get an overview of the different platforms that present open data and you will get a few insights into the possibilities of a few interesting datasets. You will also have the chance to quickly work hands-on with open geodata under supervision of the experts of the Geodienst.

Making maps with QGIS

Have you always wanted to create your own maps to help illustrate your research? Or perhaps you already have some background in GIS, and would like to learn how to use QGIS? This course will provide a basic overview of tools for data visualisation in QGIS, covering the following basic skills:

  • data import and exploration
  • creating maps and graphs and
  • exporting them in different formats

The focus of this course will be on the visualisation and mapping of data and using geographical location and thematic attributes. QGIS is a free and open source Geographic Information Systems software package that allows you to create beautiful maps. This application supports the exploration, visualisation and analysis of data with a geospatial component. This workshop will be the first step towards mastering your own spatial data.

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