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Software: Atlas.Ti 9 - new login method

From:Tu 11-05-2021
Until:Sa 31-07-2021

As of July 31 2021 Atlas.Ti 8 will no longer be working and only Atlas.Ti 9 will be available. Atlas.Ti 9 requires the user to be logged in with an account created by the user.

First make a backup of your project(s) using the Export option in Atlas.Ti 8.
When Atlas.Ti 9 is loaded and you're logged in, use the Import option to load your project(s).

How to create an Atlas.Ti account:
Go to: and create your account using your or @student.rug.n l address.

When your account is created you can start Atlas.Ti 9 and login with the newly created account. In case you forgot your password click Reset your password on the login screen.

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