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Digital Exams

Digital exams offer several advantages for both teachers and students.

Since students are used to typing, they are a lot quicker when typing their answer, and it is easier to rewrite or rearrange answers using copy paste. Teachers are now no longer faced with the time consuming chore of deciphering handwriting, which makes checking the answers a lot quicker and easier.

Teachers are offered a broad range of options with regard to for example the question types and the setup of the exam. There are, for instance, different types of closed questions, and there is an adaptive release option. With this option, students, for example, must finish the multiple choice questions firsts, before being able to go to the essay questions. It is also possible to use both video and audio in exams.

The computers are equipped with a headphone plug. E-books or websites can also be used as additional resources.
Digital exams make checking and grading easier and quicker, whilst this can also be done online. You can also set up online review sessions, and provide students with feedback and/ or model answers online. In the end, digital exams work better in simulating the contexts in which students are “tested” in the workplace or in civic or personal life.

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