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Teaching Large Groups

Would you like to further develop yourself in designing an active learning environment or giving interactive lectures? Although teaching large groups is not always perceived as easy, it’s still often used as an instructional method. And when it’s done well, it can be quite effective. This course, grounded in theoretical frameworks as well as best practices, gives you ideas and insights that you can immediately apply in your educational setting.

Learning outcomes

After succesful completion of this course you are able to:

  • Design a large group lecture according to the Constructive alignment principles.
  • Use interactive teaching activities in large groups.
Dates There are no new dates scheduled for this course. It is likely we will offer this course again in fall 2021.
Target group

Lecturers who want to expand or improve their techniques for designing and giving active lectures for large groups.

Level * (No (educational) experience required)
Study load 16 hours (including preparation)
Price € 450
Number of participants 6-8 participants
Certificate You will receive a certificate on completion of this course.
Language Depending on the registrations: Dutch/English spoken

Here are some of the key questions we discuss on the first day of the course:

  • How do you keep students' attention?
  • How do you activate a large group?
  • How can you gauge student comprehension?
  • How can you optimally teach students?
  • Who are your students and what are the dynamics in a large group?

On the second day of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to practice giving a mini-lecture, on which you'll receive feedback from your peers and instructor.

Improve your techniques in designing and active lectures for large groups © Mariska de Groot
Improve your techniques in designing and active lectures for large groups © Mariska de Groot
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