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Active Learning Toolkit

Image session for active learning

Target group Teams of lecturers who would like to apply new technologies for active learning.
Date To be arranged
Price On demand
Study load The workshop will take 4 hours , with about 2 hours of preparation time. Afterwards you are ready to apply the outcomes to your own programme.
Language English spoken
Contact Please contact our secretary for more information.

Courses differ, topic areas differ. A course in mathematics should not be done the same way as a course in philosophy. As a result, technology support for these courses will vary. TPACK (Koehler &Mishra, 2009) aligns the agreement between technology knowledge (TK) pedagogy knowledge (PK) and content knowledge (CK).

In course design, three elements should be in alignment: course outcomes, the teaching methods and activities, and assessment (Biggs and Tang, 2011). Alignment of these three makes sure that course outcomes are reached, and that teaching activities are meaningful and in line with assessment of the course.

Objective of this toolkit is to learn about active learning in a way that is engaging and fun. To do that participants can select pieces of the design. The pieces represent course activities for lecturers and students. These course activities consist of state-of-the-art learning activities as fitting to flipped classrooms. Examples are: self-tests, online annotation, online video, live lecture interaction. Discussing, recombining, and evaluation of the pieces produces your final course design.

Freeman et al. (2014)
Freeman et al. (2014)
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