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University Teaching Skills (UTS)

  • Would you like to learn how to make your modes of instruction and assessment dovetail with the learning outcomes?
  • Would you like to find out how you can transfer knowledge more clearly and how to stimulate and motivate your students?
  • Would you like to receive feedback on how you implement various modes of instruction?

Target group University teachers (in particular new teachers) of the University of Groningen.
Level No (educational) experience required

All meetings are on Tuesdays (except the Module Day)

N.B.: This course has reached the maximum number of participants. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact
Day 1: Introduction & Theory - 10 September 2019: 9.30-16.30
Day 2: Lectures - 24 September or 1 October 2019*: 9.30-15.00
Day 3: Assessment part 1 & Peer-consultancy
Group 1: 8 October 2019: 9.30-16.30
Group 2: 15 October 2019: 9.30-16.30
Day 4: Small group teaching- 29 October 2019 or 5 November 2019*: 9.30-15.00
Day 5: Assessment part 2 & Evaluation
Group 1: 12 November 2019: 9.30-15.00
Group 2: 19 November 2019: 9.30-15.00
Day 6: Module Day - 28 November 2019: 9.30-16.30

*The group will be divided into subgroups: one subgroup will practice lectures/seminars on the first meeting of day 2/4, another subgroup will practice lectures/seminars on the second meeting day 2/4. This division will be made during the first day.

Study load 70 hours
Price For University of Groningen staff: EUR 1500, not including the price of the course book.
Certificate You will be awarded a certificate upon completing all the modules and attendance.

In the University Teaching Skills course, you will practise teaching interactive lectures and holding supervision meetings with students. In addition, you will learn how to design and prepare lectures and seminars while enhancing your skills in choosing suitable modes of assessment, compiling tests, setting and assessing assignment/papers. During the course you will reflect on your own teaching practice and there will be ample room for discussion and exchange of knowledge.

The course consists of six meetings, wherefore you need to prepare through reading literature and making assignments. During the meetings you will apply what you have learnt to actual practice and receive feedback from the course leader and your fellow participants. The last day of the course is a ‘keuzemoduledag’ [module day] where you can make a choice from various in-depth modules in the field of university teaching. More information about this day will be provided during the course.

The University Teaching Skills course also provides a good starting point for a track leading to the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, you will be able to:
- Formulate specific and measurable learning outcomes;
- Facilitate stimulating and interactive teaching and learning activities for small and large groups of students;
- Adapt your lectures to your students’ prior knowledge and expectations;
- Choose suitable modes of teaching and assessment that tie in with your learning outcomes;
- Reflect on your performance through feedback that you have received and given.


  • 'The course has taught me to set learning outcomes and to gear my lectures and exams towards them. In addition, we discussed a lot of fun and practical things. '
  • 'I found the group discussions and the feedback from both the teacher and the group very valuable.'
  • 'I have learned that it is important to think about what you want to convey, how you want to do this and which methods you can use to this end.'
  • 'There was ample opportunity to practise with ‘new’ modes of teaching and supervision.'
  • 'It was nice to have regular sessions in a fixed group and that there was plenty of time to reflect on each theme.'
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