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Educational consult


By mutual agreement. The duration of supervision within an educational consult differs between 2 and 8 hours.

Target group

Teachers with specific educational questions who want to discuss this with an educational advisor or who want to be observed. This can be done both before and after completing a training course or the BKO.

Study load Depending on the question

300 EUR

Contact Please send a confirmation mail to after clicking the 'register'-button.
  • Do you want inspiration or ideas on improving your course? *
  • Would you like to observed during one or two lectures and get suggestions how you can improve your teaching?
  • Would you like to analyze and discuss the progress of your courses and teaching during an academic year?
  • Do you have specific educational questions after completing a training course or the UTQ that you still would like to discuss?

During an educational consult you reflect on your individual educational questions with an educational advisor. The goal is to improve your courses and to dovetail your teaching with the needs of your students. The focus can be on the educational priorities of the University of Groningen, such as internationalization and active learning, within the educational cycle (design, teaching, testing and evaluation).

* If you would like to revise your entire course or develop a new course with the support of an educational advisor, we refer you the the Individual module design programme.

It is possible to be observed during your lectures ©Elmer Spaargaaren
It is possible to be observed during your lectures ©Elmer Spaargaaren
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