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1. When and where do I hand in the forms for processing?

The filled in forms can be send to the following address:

ESI Vragenlijstverwerking
Room 5416-0350a.
Landleven 1
9747 AD Groningen

You can use a label which can be printed when you sign in a questionnaire via the following link: 

You are also welcome to come by the office.

2. How does the application system work?

Go to the following link: https://esiforms.rug.nland login using your p-number and password. After that, go to Add questionnaire and click on New. Fill in all the information requested in the questionnaire of concern. After you have finished, click OK. Now you can add a next questionnaire. Now, the questionnaire goes to a so called Inbox (which you cannot access). As soon as we receive the questionnaire, we’ll transfer it from the Inbox to Questionnaires, to make sure it reaches the Processors. You will be notified by email when we have received your questionnaire.

3. How do I hand in filled in questionnaires?

The filled in forms can be handed in in a map or envelop. You can hand in both single-sided and double-sided forms. All forms must be equal though, so a combination of both single- and double-sided forms cannot be processed.

4. How do I multiply questionnaires?

The easiest way is to print out one form and multiply everything at once using a copier. If you would use multiple copiers, we might not be able to process the forms correctly.

5. How long will it take before a questionnaire is processed?

Questionnaires will be processed within 2 weeks. Questionnaires will always be handled in order of entry.

6. What does the processing of questionnaires entail?

The answers on the forms are being read by a scanner. All the corrected answers will be corrected manually. The answers on the open questions will also be recorded. Finally, we will (if desired) create a report, using Blue Evaluation.

7. How do I know that the evaluation has been processed?

The set contact will receive an email as soon as the report has been processed. This email will be automatically generated from the sign in system in which you signed up the questionnaire. If you indicated that you wish to receive a report, you will get this via email. You can retrieve the data via Blue.

8. What happens with the forms?

The forms will be send back to the set contact as soon as possible.

9. How can I contact you?

You can contact us via this email address:

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