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Doces makes an inventory of the competences and the level of Assistant Professors. The competence indicator is a web application existing of a private test, a module for evaluators and a portfolio.

During the private test the teacher makes statements about his own professional performance. Colleagues and/or supervisors who know the teacher evaluate the teacher based on the same items.

The results from Doces can be used as background for performance or assessment interviews. Doces focuses upon the future. Teachers can make wishes for altering their tasks, training and coaching known in the private test. Colleagues and supervisors can advise the teacher upon these matters through the module for evaluators.

The users of Doces are faculties and degree programs. Teachers of degree programs who do not use Doces can make use of a version without the module for evaluators: Doces-mini. The private test can be made on their own initiative, to prepare oneself for performance or assessment interviews or when in need of advise for their career policy.

For questions about Doces we refer to the Doces helpdesk 363-8282 and/or   

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