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Education portal

Students of the University of Groningen make use of several ict facilities: Nestor, ProgRESS, Ocasys and webmail. All those systems are accessed separately, requiring to log in every time. In addition there is overlap between the data in the systems, and in some cases it is unclear which information is available in which system.

The project 'Central Virtual Education Portal' streamlines and integrates the fragmented facilities. One central location will be on the web, where students can access all their personal data. This Education portal is comparable with iGoogle, which offers users a personalised overview of their favourite websites.

Students will see their own page after logging in once at Nestor. This page will supply access to all ict facilities of the university. In the background the several systems will continue to operate separately, the user will not notice.

Apart from students the Education portal is also for teachers and support staff.

Last modified:11 January 2023 11.28 a.m.
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