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Advanced Group Tool


2.2.756, for Blackboard 6.3 and higher (8.0.307), 2008


The Advanced Group Tool makes it possible to create a large amount of groups in Nestor and to randomly assign course participants to a group. In addition the program displays in one screen an overview of all groups and enrolments. From the overview all data can be edited. In addition group enrolments can be exported and imported.

  • produce multiple groups at once
  • automatic enrolment of participants in groups
  • manually enrolling and deregistering course participant in one or multiple groups
  • preset self enrolment in groups
  • creating subgroups
  • removing group enrolments and groups
  • overview of groups and group enrolments
  • importing and exporting group enrolments
  • ascribe grades to a group
Languages supported



User and installation manual, in Dutch


The Advanced Group Tool can directly connect to the Blackboard database. This tool has a positive effect upon performance. The tool will not be applicable for all types of database. In those cases the tool can be switched off.

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